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Ze-Presso Café Capsules

The essence of subtle taste, sophisticated aroma and velvety smoothness

Experience a unique journey with the Ze-Presso Café Collection, a sophisticated delight for your palate, a joy for your senses. Let the five different blends of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta beans captivate you with their flavours.

With the exclusive Ze-Presso Café collection, you are back on track the moment you breathe in its aroma. Your senses come to life, your body experiences a new vitality. Discover the great pleasure of different coffee flavours day after day by choosing your feel-good aroma.

“Coffee should be hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love.”
                                                     Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand


A new-generation of coffee-maker for encapsulated coffee

The Ze-Presso coffee maker incorporates purity, simplicity, and versatility, and it uses the latest technology to offer you perfectly brewed Italian espresso. Characterised by its elegant and clean lines, compact and space-saving, it is the perfect modern household appliance to complement any interior.

The Ze-Presso coffee maker brews espresso following the strict tradition of authentic Italian coffee. Indulge in the divine taste of a perfectly prepared cup of joy, anytime, anywhere.

A new-generation of coffee-maker for encapsulated coffee

Become a privileged member of the Ze-Presso Café Club

Order your Ze-Presso today and become a member of the Ze-Presso Café Club. By signing up for exclusive membership, you will be entitled to numerous privileges and advantages. For every package of 30 Ze-Presso coffee capsules, you will accumulate points. Your collected points can then be exchanged for prestigious coffee items from our collection. Contact your local Zepter representative for more information and the complete range of stylish coffee items that are waiting just for you.

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Become a privileged member of the Ze-Presso Café Club